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Dipper was, at this point, desperate to get money. He was in high school and was getting ready to go into college and he needed to pay it off some how. He didn't have a lot of jobs as he started high school. When he was a freshman he worked for is great uncle, Stan. Only, he soon left after his uncle kept saying that due to the economy he had to shorten his pay. Soon he was doing the job for free, which wasn't fair at all. When he was a sophomore, he worked at Greasy's Diner. He left a year later because he was barely getting any hours, which meant he was barely getting any money. During his Junior year, he began doing a lot of work around Gravity Falls during the summer but that didn't do a lot for him. If anything, it put about $100 dollars a week in his pocket.

He sat up in the attic on his bed as he contemplated places he could work. He clicked at a pen in one hand and looked through help wanted adds in the news paper. Most of these places he had already applied to but had yet to get a call back from. He groaned as he threw himself on his back on his bed.
"What's wrong, bro bro?" Mabel's voice was heard as she stepped into the room. He sat back up and sighed.
"Mabel, it's hopeless. I can't find a job anywhere in this town for the summer. I've applied almost every where and no one has called me back." He sat and put his face in his hands. Mabel came and sat next to him, putting her hand on his shoulder and rubbed it comfortingly.
"Dipper, it's not hopeless. Nothing's hopeless." Dipper lifted his head to look over at her. She had a comforting smile on her face. Dipper continued to frown, sighing an even bigger sigh.
"Mabel, you always look on the bright side of things." Mabel was picking up the paper as she responded.
"Thanks!" She said, sounding all happy about it but Dipper didn't really mean it as a compliment.
"I've applied to all the jobs advertised in the paper, Mabel. No one is hiring-" Mabel interrupted and began naming off names of places in the job section of the paper.
"Repair man?"
"Security guard?"
"Ye- wait what?"
"Security guard." Mabel repeated then she showed the job offer to Dipper on the paper. Dipper scanned it and read it out loud.
"Looking for a night time security guard to work from 12am to 6am from Monday through Friday. Must be able to multitask, not let anyone into the restaurant, and most importantly, stay awake." Mabel looked over at her brother and smiled.
"Well, looks like Mabel has solved another problem her brother wasn't able to solve." She said very smugly. Dipper shot an annoyed look her way.
"Oh shut up." He punched her in the shoulder and she punched him back and giggled and he rubbed where she had punched. "Ow..."

Later, Dipper had made his way into town to look for the address listed in the paper. He finally came across it. It was a restaurant called Freddy's Pizzeria. Funny, he never realized that this place existed until just now. He walked into the pizzeria and saw loads of kids sitting at the tables with their families, eating pizza and singing along with the animatronic characters on stage. Dipper went over to the ordering counter. A man came up to him. "Welcome to Freddy's, how may I help you?"
"Uh, I'm here about the security guard position." The man kind of stiffened up at the mention of the job.
"Wait here a second, sir." He then went back into an office that was part of the kitchen. He brought someone, who Dipper assumed was the manager, back to the counter. The manager smiled and greeted Dipper kindly.
"Well, hello there young man. Is there something I can help you with?" Dipper gave the man a smile.
"Yeah, actually, I'm here because I'm interested in the security guard job you advertised in the paper." The managers smile slowly went into a less happy version of a smile. It stayed a bit silent for a while. "Sir?" Dipper asked with a bit of worry in his voice. Dipper began thinking that the job was probably already taken. Then, the manager smiled that kind smile again.
"Oh of course. Sorry, I had to think on that for a moment." Dipper felt a sense of relief as he said that. "Sense no one else has come in, would you like to come back for an interview now?" Dipper smiled a bit brighter.
"Of course, sir."
"Then let us go to my office." Dipper followed the manager back to his office. The manager sat in his office chair, but not before pulling a chair out for Dipper. Dipper sat and waited for questions. "What's your name, son?"
"Dipper. Dipper Pines."
"Oh, you're related to that man who owns the Mystery Shack?"
"Uhhh...yeah...he's my great uncle." Shit. Dipper thought he'd never get the job now. Grunkle Stan wasn't exactly a great person to bring up during an interview.
"Well, aside from that. Are you able to stay up for long amounts of time?"
"Oh, yes sir."
"Good. You're hired." Dippers eyes went kind of wide. He didn't expect it to be this easy.
"Really?" He said a bit astonished.
"Yes. Welcome you night guard duty, Dipper Pines." The manager smiled. "Can you start tonight?"
"Yes! I mean...yes sir!" Dipper was ecstatic at this point.
"Be here by 11:30pm." The manager reached out and shook Dippers hand. Dipper then ran home, excited to tell everyone he was employed.

When Dipper got home, everyone was sitting in the living room watching T.V. He burst in and exclaimed with excitement. "Guess who's employed!" Mabel and Stan looked over at him. "This guy!" Dipper motioned to himself as he smiled all excited. Mabel stood up quickly.
"YAY! DIPPER!" She came up and hugged him tight.
"O-Okay Mabel! Choking not breathing!" Mabel let go and giggled.
"Where do you work now, kid?" Grunkle Stan asked, not sounding very interested.
"At that pizzeria down town."
"That old place? Ughh...well, I hope you like creepy animatronics." Dipper rolled his eyes at him and Stan returned his gaze to the television.
"He's just being a sour pants cause you don't work for him anymore." Mabel pointed out. She hit his shoulder. "Good for you, bro! I'm proud!"
"Thanks Mabes..." He smiled. "Well, I better get some sleep if I have to stay up until six in the morning." Dipper headed upstairs to sleep, he could barely sleep due to his excitement. Little did he know all his excitement would turn into fear in a few hours.
Getting The Job
I've never actually played 5 Nights At Freddy's but I have watched videos of people playing it. It's pretty freaky, but also reminds me of something that would happen in Gravity Falls Oregon where no one other than Dipper Pines would apply for the job.


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Yeah....its over....
I dont want it to be but it is....
I still love you though...

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